1st Anderson real Estate, LLC was established on January 2, 2012 by a group of experienced realtors with a common goal of wanting to offer the best possible service to its customers and clients.

The business was purchased from Edith Schroeder who chose to retire after 40 years in real estate. Amy MacMillin, daughter and business partner of Edie's, after many organizational meetings, joined forces with Tom and Debby Lenz, Mark Balaban, and Henry Grant to form 1st Anderson Real Estate, LLC.

1st Anderson's current home is a familiar building owned by Mark Balaban, which was a critical element during 1st Anderson's infancy. Each of the business partners shared the same common belief of "getting back to the basics" of the real estate industry while still offering its customers and clients the latest technology available for marketing, selling and purchasing your home. 

Since then, we have aquired a number of real estate professionals with the same common goal that the business was founded on. It goes without saying that this group is second to none. Hence, 1st Anderson Real Estate was not only up and running, but off and running as well! 

1st Anderson Real Estate - Where you are charged a straight commission! No additional fees added!

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